STR #034: Digital Leather – Feeet LP

Release date

„Feeet“ is an eclectic compilation of mainly tape-only released songs written and recorded between 2008 and 2018. Ranging from catchy synth-sounds to colder dark-wave tunes, this record proofs that Shawn Foree is an electronic-pop mastermind.

A1 – Flour
A2 – Mountains Are Dreaming
A3 – Screw In The Wall
A4 – Conquer All
A5 – Deep Blue Nothing
A6 – M.G.
A7 – So Warm
A8 – White Man Jungle
B1 – Puff
B2 – I Don’t Wanna Know You
B3 – Teeth
B4 – Blood Stained Shadow
B5 – All We Want To Do Is Kill

• 333 copies in an inside-out 350 g/m² cover with rounded corners – sticker and small hinge glued on the cover – 180 g black wax – 16-page booklet – 4c labels – black deluxe innersleeves with rounded corners –  includes MP3 download code and sticker – numbered by hand
• 20 test-pressings with a signed 2c risograph print glued on matt black spray painted front covers with rounded corners – sticker, stamped and handnumbered on the back – stamped a- and b-side labels – rounded innersleeve corners

• Mastered by Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory
• Cover artwork by Nils Trash
• Booklet artwork by Shawn Foree and Nils Trash

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