STR #033: Andy The Doorbum – The Glut of Golden Ages one-sided 12″

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„This piece of music (made of a combination of 4 separate parts) is an exploration of the dynamics of having too much in a world with too little and striving for more of a different kind. More balance. More understanding. It is purposefully bleak, and begrudgingly hopeful.“
Musician and visual/performance artist Andy The Doorbum lives by his credo „If life is a war, then Art is the weapon. Therefore, we must Create or Perish.“

A1 – Walking Mountains
A2 – The Victim Is Bread
A3 – Eyes Filled With Ancient Mud
A4 – The Glut Of Golden Ages

• 100 copies with a 3-color 5-layer silkscreen print on clear vinyl in a transparent PVC foil – numbered by hand
• 20 test-pressings with a signed linocut print glued on a black sprayed paper cover – numbered by hand – handlettered and stamped a- and b-side labels

• Cover artwork by Nils Trash
• Silkscreened by Jaqueline Wallraff-Groß

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