STR #024: J Marinelli – The war on pleasure one-sided 10″

Release date

A1 – The war on pleasure
A2 – Do you believe in energy?
A3 – Hey lock heaven
A4 – No kind of fun
A5 – Picasso vs Lester Bangs

• 117 handnumbered copies in gold/red-streaked wax pressed without labels; with a 1c silkscreened brown record hole cover; a cut-out „A“ made of adhesive rust imitation foil attached to the a-side
• 17 handnumbered test-pressings pressed in 12″ size come with a 250 g/m² rough watercolor board cover, that got splattered with watercolor and sticked with two 20×30cm photo printsstenciltrash_releases_115 stenciltrash_releases_116 stenciltrash_releases_117 stenciltrash_releases_118