STR #017: The Snookys / The Morbeats – Split 7″

co-release with Bedo Records

Release date

The Snookys – Don‘t wanna work
The Morbeats – My girl dresses D&G

• 158 co­pies in a stam­ped 80g/m² pa­cking paper cover fixed with photo prints of 3-/4-lay­er sten­cil pain­tings and stam­ped la­bels; num­be­red by stamp
• 34 hand­n­um­be­red co­pies in a stam­ped 300g/m² paper cover fixed with photo prints and stam­ped la­bels
• 10 test-pres­sings in a 280g/m² grey re­cy­cled cover with a fixed green me­tal­lic alu­mi­num foil; 2-lay­er sten­cil spray­ed and a stam­ped pack­a­ge sti­cker fixed on the front; stam­ped back­co­ver and in­ners­lee­ve; num­be­red by stamp

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