STR #016: The Whip-Bats – Chaos in the clocktower one-sided 7″

Release date

A1 – Chaos in the clocktower
A2 – Blood orgy in the castle of the damned
A3 – Virgin blood drips from the forked tongues of evil

• 68 co­pies in a by ma­gnets clo­se­able cover with a 5-lay­er sten­cil art­work; prin­ted on 300g/m² paper and UV lac­que­red; light bluish/gree­nish(?) grey wax with blue/green mixed stam­ped label in a stam­ped 90g de­lu­xe paper in­ners­lee­ve; fixed pixel art photo in­si­de; num­be­red by stamp

stenciltrash_releases_84 stenciltrash_releases_85 stenciltrash_releases_86