STR #015: Brat Farrar – Should have walked away one-sided 7″

Release date

A1 – Should have walked away
A2 – It’s all heartbreak

The re­cord comes in a clo­se­able cut-out cover with a space­pain­ting art­work and is num­be­red by hand; prin­ted on 300g/m² paper and UV lac­que­red; groo­ved and fol­ded 4 times by hand; co­lo­red vinyl in a stam­ped 90g de­lu­xe paper in­ners­lee­ve and a „spi­der spray­ed“ b-si­de; fixed photo taken by Chris­ti­an Kock in­si­de; there are two dif­fe­rent edi­ti­ons:
• 79 co­pies in clear wax and a black „spi­der spray­ed“ b-si­de
• 77 co­pies in grey mixed wax and a sil­ver „spi­der spray­ed“ b-si­de
both edi­ti­ons come with a dif­fe­rent photo in­si­de.

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