STR #008: J Marinelli – Young Spillers one-sided 7″

Release date

A1 – Doves and vultures
A2 – 20 Class-A cigarette burns
A3 – You are dismissed

• 66 copies in clear red wax with a 2-color sprayed 280 g/m² inside out cover
• 33 copies in orange wax with a 2-color background sprayed 280g/m² cover; 1-color sprayed on crepe tape fixed on the cover
• 22 copies in orange or clear red wax with a to all sides foldout 3-color sprayed cut-out cover; 3-color sprayed tracklist sticker on the back
• 11 test-pressings with a 2-color (2-layers) sprayed packing paper cover and a 2-color (1-layer) sprayed b-side, which is fixed with packing paper

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